How to Buy a Home | Follow These Steps

Are you looking to buy a home or condo in the Nashville market? I am here to be your Nashville Real Estate Expert - and I know how frustrating it can be trying to find the perfect home. Below are some tips on finding that dream property: 

1) Talk with your Lender - and get pre-approved. Finding the perfect home, only for it to be out of budget or too expensive, can be disappointing. Instead, talk about what you want in terms of location so that when an appropriate property comes up, there are no surprises!

2) Work with a Realtor - Do your pre-work and interview realtors to find the best match for you. Hire a realtor with the power of buyer's rep agreements, so they owe you all those codes of ethics. Then, once you've found the perfect match, you can sign on the dotted line. Your realtor will be working for YOU and with YOUR best interests in mind!

3) Search - Time for some house hunting. Your perfect house is waiting, but you can't find it if you're not looking! Get in touch with your agent, who will help narrow down the search for the perfect house. It's exciting when it appears: a perfect house that will fit all of your needs from kitchen space—to lot size -- and everything in between.  The only thing left is making an offer. 

Now it's time to make your offer. Just like any large transaction, there is a lot that comes with the process of buying and selling your home. Work with a professional realtor who will help guide you through negotiation so both sides are happy at the end of the process. 

When you find your dream home, there are few things left to be done, and you'll need to go through all of the steps that come after- appraisals and inspections- but don't worry! I can guide you every step of the way because realtors are knowledgeable about what's next in this process. So text or call me at 615-335-0770 when you're ready to start the search for your dream property in Nashville!