Nashville Neighborhood Guide

Hi, I'm Deborah, your Nashville real estate expert, and I'm here to help you navigate the Nashville real estate market. There are so many excellent Nashville neighborhoods, and I want to know what you are looking for in your next home and community. 

For instance, if you are eclectic, artsy, or like more of a hipster vibe, then I would introduce you to East Nashville. Looking for more boutiques, or quick walks to local coffee shops, I would guide you more towards 12 South. 

Then there's the Gulch area, which has more of a nightlife-like scene. Both 12 South and East Nashville have historic homes with lots of character and some new builds. So if you're looking for homes with a bit of extra personality, I would recommend we check out these neighborhoods. 

If you are looking for a little more land, going west and south of Nashville is where we would start the search for your next home. Out west you have Bellevue and Bellamy neighborhoods. South of Nashville, there is Franklin and Brentwood to explore.

These neighborhoods will offer more land for your property and an escape from the hustling heartbeat of Nashville. You'll have a lawn to take care of and room to grow into with your family and loved ones. 

So let me put it this way. Do you want someone who just got out of real estate school or just read the negotiation book to work on your behalf? 

Or do you want someone who has over a decade of global negotiation experience working for you? Give me a call or text me at 615-335-0770. I got you!