Nashville Real Estate Expert Deborah Vahle

My name is Deborah Vahle, and I am a realtor with the City Living Group here in Nashville, Tennessee. I got into real estate because my husband and I were looking to invest. 

We started by flipping properties. I was painting, I installed things, I fixed toilets, and I've even ripped out carpet - that was the not-so-glamorous portion. All this to say, I've done it all! And then I heard about this thing called Airbnb. 

So our next property, I said: "Hey, I think we should give this a shot -” this looks interesting. You know, the short-term rental stuff and vacation rental here in Nashville. So I opened our property up as an Airbnb. And it went great. We couldn't even believe how well it was going. It was amazing. Every weekend we were booked.  

So when we moved into our current home, we turned our old house into an Airbnb; it was right next door to the other property we had purchased and very convenient. And I just became more and more involved in that. 

That's the long story about how I got involved. But essentially, my husband and I had some investment properties, decided to get my license, and then I ended up loving real estate. One day, my husband said to me: "I didn't think you were going to be doing this full time," because things got so busy so quickly that I said: "well, have you met me?" 

Because I love this, and that, to me, was what I needed to hear at that moment. I love what I do, and I am here to help you love it too. The market is moving quickly. If you are interested in investing in Nashville real estate or Nashville short-term rentals, then give me a call or text me at 615-335-0770; I got you.