Should You Use a Realtor When Selling Your Home

If you're thinking of selling your home and the thought of hiring a realtor seems taxing, I can promise you it's nothing compared to trying to sell on your own. Even when the market is active and really hot, putting up a sign in your yard and hoping for multiple offers is just not enough. That's where we come in, and here's why hiring a trusted and experienced realtor can make all the difference.

One reason is market knowledge, and we've got that covered for you. Knowing how and when to price your home is only half of it. The other half is neighborhood exploration and research. Being aware of what's coming available and how it compares can impact your selling price - and that information is not always made available to the general public.

We work to provide you with the inside scoop. Another thing I do is walk your home. Sometimes when it is our home, it is hard to see the house's value - and I help homeowners see their house through the buyer's eyes. We look at it through a different lens so that you can really see what needs to be done to get that property ready to sell. 

Did I mention that when you work with a realtor to sell your home, you get the advantage of the brokerage they are affiliated with? I am on a team, The City Living Group at Village, a brokerage firm in Nashville. 

Why is that important? There is a rule called "Clear Cooperation." I do not share information about your property until we make it active on the MLS or unless they're inside my brokerage. This rule helps properties sell before they even hit the market or go under contract within minutes of hitting the market. Internally, agents in that brokerage have shared your listing with all other agents, which means your home sells faster.

Ultimately, a realtor offers insight that Google simply can not provide you. And while Google can provide many things, there is the small matter of time - and how much you're willing to invest in trying to become a real estate expert overnight - it's quite impossible.

That's why I've done all the work for you so that your time is spent fielding offers and thinking about your next dream investment. Give me a call or text me at 615-335-0770. I got you!